What We Offer

Computer repair & network administration by BTS - Montgomery, AL

Computer & Network Support for PC and Mac

In today’s work environment if your computer hiccups, your entire business can screech to a halt. BTS offers on site analysis and repair for all common computer troubles, including:

  • Computer Health Checkups
  • Virus Scanning & Removal
  • Network repair
  • Component Replacement
  • Software Assistance
  • Hardware Problems/Failure
  • Data Failure/Loss
  • Remote Support

Wired & Wireless Networks
Get everyone in your office on the same page! Whether you need to add a machine to an existing network or set one up from scratch, BTS makes integration a painless process.

Computer & Network Consultations
Do you worry you may have been oversold by computer salesmen? Or perhaps you’re preparing for growth, and would like an expert opinion. BTS can arrive on site, prepared to complete a full technology analysis of your office. We’re here to review your current implementation and discuss any changes that might be beneficial.

High Performance PC Assembly
BTS also builds High Performance Gaming PC’s, featuring Intel’s newest Core i7 Technology.  Each system is tailored made to suit your particular needs and wants.  BTS creates the system of your dreams at price you can’t beat!

Data Backup & Recovery

Don’t bet your business on something as unreliable as a computer hard drive.  BTS can equip your company with an independent, reliable backup server to safeguard the information your office can’t operate without.  Your data can also be protected via local off-site backup or optical backup.

Have you experienced a recent loss of essential computer data? BTS facilitates data recovery using the same techniques employed by law enforcement. Files you never thought you’d see again are restored for a fraction of what larger companies charge!

Monthly Service Plans

With same day to 24 hour response time on all service plans, BTS provides all the benefits of an in-house IT professional for a fraction of the price! Regular service calls are made monthly, ensuring every machine on your network is meeting its full potential, and all of your important data is backed up.

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Closed-Circuit Security Camera Systems

BTS also offers full installation service for Closed Circuit Digital Video Recording systems. Deter criminal activity while protecting your company’s interests in the event of an incident. CCD installations have the added benefit of lowering your insurance premiums.