Service Plans

Computer repair & network maintenance, BTS in Montgomery, AL

Be Ready for Anything!

The monthly service fee includes, for every machine:

  • Optimization of PC hardware and software
  • Problem parts are typically replaced within 72 hours!
  • Updates for all Windows and non-Windows components
  • Virus scan & removal
  • Safe & frequent data backup
  • Complete hard drive checkup
  • Firmware updates
  • Printer, scanner, and fax support
  • Maintenance or replacement of wires and cables for the entire office (including power cables, phone lines, USB, printer cables, and other communication wiring).
  • Monitoring or repair of network issues for wired and wireless networks. 
  • Monitoring of security camera hardware, video recording, and cabling.

With same day to 24 hour response time on all service plans, BTS provides all the benefits of an in-house IT professional for a fraction of the price!

With BTS, your company never overpays for tech support. Our service plans are customized on a client-by-client basis, to suit the hardware you have and the level of support you want. All service plans can include an off-site backup solution for your peace of mind in the event of a disaster!



1 to 3 hours of labor each month.


This plan "fits like a glove" for companies with

1-4 computers who want to preserve their systems’ data and functionality!



4-9 hours of maintenance per month.


The Standard plan is an excellent fit for companies using between 5 and 15 computers and 1 server!



10-50 hours of maintenance per month can be set aside to ensure each machine runs safely and efficiently.


This package is designed for medium to large networks! And it will cover everything needed for networks with 15 workstations and 2 or more servers along with multiple locations!



* Monthly Agreement does not cover the cost of replacement parts.